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What T.F. Hudgins Can Do For You

T.F. Hudgins delivers engineered product and service solutions for compressors, engines, pumps, motors and other machinery – plus the expertise to increase reliability, longevity, performance, safety and environmental compliance.

Compressor Products: valves, valve restraints, capacity control, rod rings, wiper packing, piston and rider rings, rods, cases, pistons, engineered coatings, cylinder liners and more

Compression Services: compressor cylinder end and power end repair, valve repair; overhauls, re-rates, and upgrades; contract maintenance; diagnostics and training; lubrication system service

Emissions Solutions: compressor packing, case, and cylinder component upgrades; control panels; gas flow measurement and analysis sensors

Lubrication Systems: design, installation, parts, repair and maintenance services for all oil, grease, and oil mist systems; high-pressure compression systems; Lube Monitor online reporting

Machinery Diagnostics & Training: compressor and engine diagnostics; data collection, on-demand remote data analysis; Condition Monitor online reporting; analyst training; online compressor monitoring systems; non-intrusive engine inspection (“B-Probe”) service; electric motor condition monitoring

Controls: pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric safety and sequencing controls; thermostatic valves and electronic temperature controllers; temperature, pressure, and vibration switches and sensors

Oil & Fluid Filtration: Spinner II® oil cleaning centrifuges for bypass filtration of lube, hydraulic, and gear oil, plus other machining and industrial applications

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