Jan 1, 2015

TFH 1000 Thermal Mass Flowmeter

Reliable, Cost-Effective Monitoring Solution for Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Looking for a practical, cost-effective way to monitor Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions?

The TFH 1000 thermal mass flowmeter is the answer for a wide range of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions monitoring challenges in gas transmission, gas plant, petrochemical and refinery applications.

The TFH 1000 flowmeter provides high-precision, direct measurement of gas flow rate in standard units - without the need for temperature or pressure compensation. The compact, robust unit also provides accurate measurement of process gas temperature.

The TFH 1000 is used with a variety of common gases, including air, natural gas, ammonia, biogas, butane, chlorine, compressed air, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, digester gas, ethane, ethylene, helium, hydrogen, methane, nitrogen, oxygen, propane and many more.

Accuracy Exceeds EPA Requirements

The accuracy of the TFH 1000 exceeds the requirements defined by EPA regulations (see Performance Specifications).

The TFH 1000 flowmeter has a broad turndown (100:1 typical), providing accurate and repeatable measurement of high flow rates and low end sensitivity for leak detection.

Available in both insertion and in-line models, installation of the TFH 1000 flowmeter is simpler and more economical than other technologies.

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