Jan 15, 2015

Mobile Version of Condition Monitor™ Application

Did you know that T.F. Hudgins offers a mobile version of our powerful Condition Monitor™ software application?

Condition Monitor™ is an exclusive, Web-based information system used in conjunction with T.F. Hudgins remote diagnostic and analysis services. It functions as a communications hub to make the flow of information faster, simpler and more accurate:

  • Provides an easy way to upload and store raw data files from diagnostic tests, such as vibration and pressure analyses
  • Enables T.F. Hudgins analysts to remotely evaluate data files and post reports/recommendations
  • Allows plant personnel to view reports online anywhere, at any time
  • Displays analyst recommendations by priority, highlighting critical items needing immediate attention

Condition Monitor™ Mobile takes those advantages to the next level, allowing users to access analysis information easier than ever from the field.

Condition Monitor™ Mobile automatically detects the use of a smart phone, tablet or other mobile device platform and adjusts user characteristics accordingly. It is part of an ongoing series of enhancements provided at no cost to users. Check back for announcements of additional upgrades already being implemented.