Repairs for Automatic Lubrication Systems & Components

T.F. Hudgins inspects, repairs and rebuilds a multitude of different lubrication system pumps, gear boxes, check valves, divider valves and other components of force feed and centralized automatic lubrication systems, including:

  • Manzel Model 25
  • Lubriquip
  • Mega Model 55
  • Manzel Model 76
  • Lubriquip 88
  • Kipp SVK
  • Manzel Model 94
  • McCartney
  • Kipp SVH
  • Manzel Model 94
  • Trabon MVB
  • Kipp DSL
  • Manzel HP15
  • Premier Model 55
  • Kenco Products
  • Manzel HP30
  • Gerhardts
  • Pressure Products Inc.
  • Manzel HP50
  • Lincoln
  • Graco
  • Manzel HP60
  • Ren Products
  • Alemite
  • DropsA
  • Davco Products
  • SB Blocks, Pumps & Boxes
  • ...and many more.

Restore Equipment to Original Specifications

Our rigorous standards and attention to detail ensure optimum performance for your most critical applications.

Every component we rebuild must meet its specified pressure rating and flow rating and pass leak and displacement testing (where applicable) before we return the component to you.

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