T.F. Hudgins Lubrication School

To help improve the effectiveness of your maintenance program, T.F. Hudgins provides on-site Lubrication School courses. For a nominal fee, Lubrication School is available to anyone with automated lube systems, regardless of whether you have used T.F. Hudgins equipment or service.

Practical Knowledge

Performed at your plant, or at any convenient off-site location, Lubrication School presents live demonstrations using an automated lubrication test stand to give students practical knowledge of:

  • overall system operation
  • divider block operation
  • monitor operation

Using actual hardware, instructors simulate troubleshooting situations so that students will be able to accurately diagnose and repair common problems.

Comprehensive Explanations

Lubrication School includes an in-depth presentation featuring:

Fundamentals of Tribology

  • What is friction?
  • What is wear?
  • Specifics of lubrication
  • An analogy for "Ideal Lubrication"

Pump to Point Lubrication Systems

  • History
  • Pump types, function, operation
  • Drawbacks

Divider Block Systems

  • History
  • System designs
  • MVB Pump design & operation
  • Divider block design & operation
  • Divider block benefits
  • Reservoir options & benefits

Pre-Testing & Post-Testing

Lubrication School is designed to accomplish all this in just four hours. However, course topics can be customized according to your needs.

Call Your Lubrication Solutions Specialist

Your instructors are highly trained veterans with many years of practical experience in designing, installing, troubleshooting and repairing systems in a broad range of applications and environments.

Students receive certificates indicating successful completion of the course. In some cases, Lubrication School training helps satisfy company training and continuing education requirements.

For Lubrication School information, call 713-682-3651.

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