Compressor Manager™
Component & Parts Management System

Compressor Manager™ is a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use software tool that catalogs the wear parts of reciprocating compressors, tracks individual component repairs and – through the detailed repair history – provides data for monitoring reliability performance.

Compressor Manager™ provides a central location for accurate, detailed information. It offers links to inspection reports, drawings and other documents. The system maintains repair histories, enabling you to perform simpler, more accurate analyses. It also offers built-in reports and graphs using popular spreadsheet formats and includes sharesites for posting.

Benefits of Improved Maintenance Data Management

  • Increased confidence when repairing/replacing components
  • Enhanced condition-based maintenance
  • Streamlined record-keeping (T.F. Hudgins maintains the database for you!) 
  • Improved and simplified communication between plant operations personnel and equipment/service suppliers
  • Lower overall maintenance costs 


Compressor Manager is one of the proprietary software systems developed and maintained exclusively by T.F. Hudgins for the benefit of our customers. For details about these systems and the value they add to your maintenance programs, contact your T.F. Hudgins representative.

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Component & Parts Management System

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