Condition Monitor™
Plant-Wide Compressor Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitor™ is an on-line data management system used in conjunction with T.F. Hudgins remote diagnostic and analysis services. It is used with condition monitoring programs for reciprocating compressors, pumps and other kinds of rotating machinery

Condition Monitor™ is a Web-based, interactive tool that manages raw data from machinery diagnostic tests and enables analyst reports to be uploaded from any location. This allows plant personnel to utilize expert analysts from T.F. Hudgins, who are available on-line 24/7. Condition Monitor™ logs repair recommendations, maintenance events and user comments, providing complete historical data for diagnostics and predictive maintenance.

A Comprehensive, Interactive Tool

  • Provides a simple, on-line mechanism for uploading and storing raw data files from diagnostic tests, such as vibration and pressure analyses
  • Enables T.F. Hudgins analysts to evaluate the data files and post reports/recommendations
  • Allows plant personnel to view reports anywhere, at any time, using an Internet browser
  • Displays analyst recommendations by priority, highlighting critical items needing immediate attention
  • Allows maintenance personnel to record repair events and comments
  • Maintains repair history for each machine 
  • Is accessible worldwide with password authorization


Condition Monitor is one of the proprietary software systems developed and maintained exclusively by T.F. Hudgins for the benefit of our customers. For details about these systems and the value they add to your maintenance programs, contact your T.F. Hudgins representative.

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Plant-Wide Compressor Condition Monitoring

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