Make Worn Packing Cases Perform Like New

T.F. Hudgins re-manufactures worn compressor packing cases to OEM specifications. With the combined engineering and manufacturing expertise of T.F. Hudgins and Cook Compression, we have the resources to do the job accurately and efficiently.

Overview of Packing Case Re-Manufacturing

  • All cups are thoroughly inspected
  • Cups are machined as required to original depths to ensure proper side clearance
  • All flat surfaces are also machined to parallel so the packing rings can be at 90-degree angles to the rod. This assures a tight gas seal between the packing ID and the rod OD.
  • Sealing surfaces are lapped and inspected for cracks and other imperfections
  • Lapped surfaces are finished to within two light bands of absolute flat. This ensures proper sealing of packing to the cup and a bottle-tight cup-to-cup seal.
  • The lapping table is routinely measured for flatness with optical equipment. This provides a flat cup for a positive metal-to-metal seal.
  • All cases are carefully assembled using genuine Cook Compression packing, gaskets, o-rings and other parts as required.

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T.F. Hudgins,
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Houston, TX 77092
Voice: (713) 682-3651
Fax: (713) 681-9702

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