Diagnostics Training from Industry Experts

T. F. Hudgins MDT offers training in diagnostics and optimization of engines, compressors and rotating equipment. The curriculum provides continuing education for plant maintenance and process personnel in all disciplines, including managers, engineers and technicians.

Classes are presented at the T. F. Hudgins MDT training center in Houston, regional locations or customer sites.

Courses are conducted in English or Spanish, with complete documentation provided.

Training for Every Job Function & Level of Knowledge

Each student receives detailed course documentation
Each student receives detailed course documentation

Analysis Interpretation

These classes help non-analyst personnel better understand and utilize analysis reports. They also improve knowledge of machinery design and operation.

Typical attendees: engineers, technicians, process managers and maintenance managers.

Compressor Fundamentals and Principles

These courses build knowledge of compressor design and applications. Topics covered include lubrication, valve design, capacity control and material options.

Typical attendees: engineers, process and maintenance personnel.

Analytical Training

These classes provide hardware and software training for personnel needing in-depth knowledge of engine and compressor analysis. Analytical training is often provided at customer locations.

Typical attendees: engineers, in-house analysts.

For a Course Catalog and Schedule, contact your T.F. Hudgins representative.

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