TFH 1000 Thermal Mass Flowmeter

The TFH 1000 thermal mass flowmeter is a practical solution to meet a wide range of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions monitoring challenges in gas transmission, gas plant, petrochemical and refinery applications.

It provides high-precision, direct measurement of gas flow rate in standard units without the need for temperature or pressure compensation. The compact, robust unit also provides accurate measurement of process gas temperature.

Installation of TFH 1000 flowmeters is simpler and more economical than other technologies. They can be installed via a single insertion point on a pipe or duct and have very low pressure drop. 

TFH 1000 flowmeters are available in both insertion and inline models. The insertion meter is easily installed with a 3/4-inch thread-o-let and compression fitting. The inline model includes built-in flow conditioners that eliminate the need for long, straight pipe runs.

TFH 1000 Flowmeters: insertion (top) and inline portable (bottom)

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