Operating Deflection Shape Analysis
of Machine & Structural Vibration

Excessive vibration in machinery, piping and supporting systems can lead to costly failures that threaten safety and cause environmental hazards, reductions in equipment reliability and facility shutdowns. T.F. Hudgins helps you understand and resolve forced vibration problems with a powerful analytical service called ODS (Operating Deflection Shape) analysis.  

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Understand & Solve Vibration Problems

Vibration is often caused by coincidence of excitation and natural frequencies. In machinery, this type of vibration is influenced by its own operating forces. ODS analysis is used to determine vibration patterns under operating conditions and guide the modification of structures to change the operating forces in machinery.

ODS solves problems related to forced vibrations, such as:
• Resonant induced vibration
• Internally generated forces, such as pressure pulsation
• Inadequate support systems
• Unbalances
• External Loads

Visual Engineering

<b>ODS analysis solves problems related to forced vibrations</b>
ODS analysis solves problems related to forced vibrations

ODS software visualizes the vibration pattern of a machine or structure under real-life operating conditions through modal development. By animating spatially acquired data in slow motion, a structure’s overall motion, and the motion of one part relative to another, can be viewed. Areas of excessive vibration, noise, temperature, pressure or other measured parameters are clearly visible.

During normal operation, vibration measurements are taken at different points and directions on the structure. The pattern created by the vibration can be viewed in a number of formats, including an animated geometry model of the structure.

Physical structural dynamics modification options are investigated within the software. The affects of modifying the structure by adding gussets, braces or other suggested modifications are generated so that solutions can be determined that dampen the operational forces and reduce the vibration response level.

After recommended maintenance is performed, a follow up ODS analysis is conducted to make sure the modifications produced the intended results.

Additional Capabilities

ODS analysis also includes engineering capabilities for:

• Frequency Response Function (FRF)-Based Modal Analysis
• Vibro-Acoustic Analysis
• Dynamics Modeling & Simulation
• Finite Element Analysis
• FEA Model Updating

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