RemVue® Engine/Compressor Control System

Reduce operating costs and increase productivity with RemVue® - a PLC integrated engine/compressor control and shutdown system.

  • • Improves machine productivity and cost-efficiency
  • • Monitors condition and resolves performance issues
  • • Easily accommodates expansion and changes
  • • Seamlessly incorporates other advanced technologies
  • • 24/7 service and support

RemVue systems gives you the precise monitoring and control functions you need to optimize productivity, improve reliabilityand protect your compression assets. Systems are highly customizable and scalable to suit your changing needs.

They offer advanced tools for monitoring and troubleshooting, plus accurate shutdown capability for dependable safety protection.

<i>RemVue Capacity Control Screen</i>
RemVue Capacity Control Screen

Features include:
• Flexible and expandable hardware platform
• Touchscreen HMI with security access
• Data trending
• Troubleshooting tools
• Suction/speed/bypass control
• Louver control
• Remote monitoring and operation
• Hardware heartbeat monitoring
• 24/7 service and support
• CSA approved

RemVue® Engine/Compressor Control System

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