SlipStream® Gas Fuel Recovery System

Imagine recovering the valuable natural gas you're losing now through vented and fugitive emissions from packing, instrument gas, condensate tanks and pumps.

A SlipStream® system not only enables you to recover those emissions - but turn them into a cost-saving resource. So you save money and improve emissions compliance.

The patented SlipStream gas fuel recovery system captures vented hydrocarbons and supplies them as a precision-monitored supplemental fuel source for your natural gas engines. A SlipStream system provides fuel consumption savings of up to 10% of your total engine fuel, giving you a rapid payback and continuous ROI.

Slipstream systems are designed for use with 4-stroke cycle engines. They can be added to existing systems or installed as original equipment.

• Cuts fuel costs
• Decreases vented hydrocarbon and VOC emissions
• Recovers compressed gas for sale
• Improves greenhouse gas emissions compliance
• Protects the environment
• Rapid payback and continuous return on your investment

<i>SlipStream® systems can be integrated with <BR>REMVue® 500 and other popular PLCs</i>
SlipStream® systems can be integrated with
REMVue® 500 and other popular PLCs

System features include:

• Vented hydrocarbon control
• Integrated greenhouse gas data logging
• RS-485, RS-232 and Ethernet communication
• Continuous SlipStream fuel flow measurement
• Emission (equivalent CO2, CO2e) monitoring and reporting
• System trending, data logging and diagnostics
• HMI shutdown and alarm status
• Packing vent flows notifications

SlipStream® systems recover valauble gas, improve emissions compliance

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