Centrifugal Machinery Condition Monitoring

T.F. Hudgins Machinery Diagnostics and Training (MDT) improves the safety, reliability and cost-effectiveness of centrifugal equipment, including compressors, turbines, pumps, blowers and more.

• Increase reliability and uptime
• Optimize performance
• Reduce maintenance and operating costs
• Improve maintenance scheduling
• Enhance safety
• Extend Mean Time Between Failure

We offer a complete monitoring solution, with data acquisition, analysis, online reporting, training and consulting to help you achieve your centrifugal machine reliability and condition based maintenance objectives.

• Experienced, certified analysts
• Advanced, high-accuracy analyzers
• Full-service data acquisition, analysis, reporting & consultation
• On-site & remote on-demand diagnostics and troubleshooting
• On-line analysis reporting & machine status
• Centrifugal machinery diagnostics training
• Single source for all centrifugal & recip machine monitoring

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Services are performed by an experienced team of certified vibration analysts, technicians and support staff, all backed by an organization with more than 30 years of machinery analysis experience.


Field personnel use an advanced dynamic signal analyzer system that acquires high-accuracy, simultaneous (up to 32 channels) dynamic signals at any speed. This analyzer is the ideal tool for routine condition monitoring and troubleshooting analyses through the entire operating range of centrifugal machinery, including startup (speed increasing) and shutdown (speed decreasing) analysis.


T.F. Hudgins Condition Monitor™ streamlines the flow of information between MDT analysts and all functional areasof your plant that benefit from timely, accurate diagnostics. Accessed via mobile appand Web browser, Condition Monitor is used to upload raw data for analysis, displaycompleted reports and view summary and historical information about machinery.
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