Swel Plugs, Insulated Joints, Transition Joints & Anchor Flanges

Tube Turns manufactures products designed to solve problems, improve safety and increase the cost-efficiency of pipeline operations.

Swel Plug Pressure Testers

These rugged, positive-grip end closures simplify hydrostatic testing of piping assemblies by eliminating the need to attach caps, flanges or plate blanks as end seals for each test. A Swell Plug can be installed or removed in minutes and is remarkably versatile in handling a wide range of pipe IDs.

Monolithic Insulated Joints

Efficient, economical application of cathodic protection to underground piping requires close, continuous control of applied and extraneous electrical currents. Monolithic Insulated Joints provide an effective means of electrically isolating sections of underground piping.

Bimetallic Transition Joints

Transition Joints meet the varied requirements of cryogenic services by providing aluminum-to-stainless steel transition for a smooth, leak-proof joint. Typical applications include cold boxes and natural gas liquefaction.

Anchor Flanges

Anchor Flanges are designed to immobilize high-pressure pipelines and meet the exacting demands of the pipeline industry.

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