Process Equipment Cleaning Services

T.F. Hudgins offers dependable, efficient cleaning of plant process equipment from an experienced industry specialist: Gly-Tech Services. Quality cleaning services and complete technical support from Gly-Tech and T.F. Hudgins help improve plant reliability by keeping equipment and processes performing according to specifications.

Boost Process Reliability

Gly-Tech cleans a full range of refinery and petrochemical plant process equipment in preparation for routine maintenance, scheduled inspections, service changes, mechanical repairs and equipment upgrades.

Gly-Tech provides turnkey service, applying the most effective techniques and equipment for your needs:

  • • Cleaning & Flushing
  • • High-Velocity Oil & Chemical Cleaning
  • • Fluid Cleaning
  • • Lube Oil Purification

Gly-Tech teams provide safe, high-quality workmanship and fast turnaround to restore productivity and return your equipment to service with minimal downtime.

Line Cleaning & Flushing

Gly-Tech provides safe and thorough high velocity flushing for pre-operative and maintenance cleaning of lubrication and hydraulic systems.

  • • High-velocity flushing: > 4000 Reynolds factor
  • • Meets or exceeds equipment specifications: ISO, NAS, SAE
  • • Particulate removal
  • • Water removal
  • • Pre-operative & maintenance services
  • • Closed-loop system
  • • Sized to meet flow rate & filtration requirements

Gly-Tech services assure the reliability of rotating equipment and tight-tolerance/critical-path systems. These services will meet or exceed equipment manufacturer’s specifications, including ISO, NAS and SAE.

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Chemical Cleaning

Gly-Tech chemical cleaning removes fouling from tanks, process vessels, pipelines and tubing. The process is used for new construction (pre-operative) cleaning, as well as routine maintenance.

  • • Pre-Operative Cleaning
  • • New construction/fabrication of piping and or process systems
  • • Maintenance
  • • Process Towers
  • • Process Vessels
  • • Exchangers
  • • Pipeline Cleaning

Gly-Tech chemical cleaning is typically conducted within a closed loop system, with corrosion coupons used to verify the progress and effectiveness of the cleaning process. Chemistries and procedures are tailored for maximum results in each application.

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Industrial Fluid & Lube Oil Cleaning

Gly-Tech fluid cleaning services protect bearings, seals, valves and pumps by effectively removing contaminants from lube oil and hydraulic oil systems:

  • • Sand
  • • Rust
  • • Mill scale
  • • Welding slag
  • • Corrosion products
  • • Construction debris

Proven procedures and highly experienced project teams help assure the success of commissioning and post-maintenance re-starts by purifying lubricants and industrial fluids to meet or exceed customer specifications.

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