Compressor/Analysis Training

T.F. Hudgins Machinery Diagnostics and Training offers an extensive machinery diagnostics and optimization curriculum at the MDT training center in Houston, as well as regional locations. Depending upon your needs, MDT will also conduct training at your site, customized to meet your unique requirements.

Course are based on these topics:

  • Compressor Application and Analysis
  • Compressor Fundamentals
  • Diesel Engine Application and Analysis
  • Gas Engine Application and Analysis
  • High-Speed Engine/Compressor Application and Analysis

Courses are designed to provide practical instruction for operators of gas engines, diesel engines, compressors and pumps. From basic equipment operation to advanced spectrum analysis, these courses enable personnel to reduce maintenance and operating costs, optimize performance, improve equipment availability and extend equipment life.

Unlike other training programs, T.F. Hudgins MDT offers instruction for multiple hardware/software platforms. Training is provided for all major portable analyzers, including Windrock, Recip-Trap and PFM.

Teaching from Experience

Courses are led by veteran instructors with extensive mechanical backgrounds and 20+ years of industry experience.

Training programs are designed to suit unique customer requirements. Content can be customized for specific needs, and may be presented in English or Spanish.

For added convenience, training may be conducted at the customer's site or the MDT Houston campus.

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