PROGNOST® Online Monitoring Systems

For the ultimate in reciprocating equipment safety and reliability, T.F. Hudgins offers the products and services of PROGNOST Systems. PROGNOST Systems GmbH is the world leader in Asset Performance Management Systems. PROGNOST Systems currently has more than 600 installations operating for 100 leading corporations around the world. These systems have improved overall asset management by facilitating predictive maintenance strategies and effectively evaluating the profitability of individual machines.

With over 15 years of engineering experience in recording, analyzing and interpreting high-resolution status data, PROGNOST offers the only system that records and analyzes status data in real time and compares them using "pattern recognition" based on actual experience. This system provides machine operators with a timely analysis in the form of plain text information. Any reciprocating piston machines monitored by this system can be shut down quickly and reliably, with virtually no risk of false trips. 

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