MOPPET® Compressor Valves

Anyone can make field repairs - in minutes

MOPPET compressor valves offer outstanding performance while dramatically reducing the expense, inconvenience and downtime of valve repairs. Here's how. Each MOPPET valve is actually a series of individual radiused-disc valves encapsulated in modular cartridges. That makes it possible to replace damaged or worn seat cartridges in the field. Simply press out the old cartridge and press in a new one. No lapping, grinding or machining is needed. Your compressor is up and running in a fraction of the time, with no need to send out parts for repair or wait for replacements.

Economical inventory

Converting to MOPPET valves results in tremendous inventory cost savings. Cartridges are universally interchangeable - from valve to valve or compressor to compressor. So there are fewer components to purchase and maintain. Repair technicians can always be fully prepared while keeping only a limited number of spares on hand. Repairs can be made incrementally, replacing individual cartridges only as needed and maximizing the service life of each component.


  • Field repairable for reduced downtime and lower costs
  • Modular replacement cartridges restore valves without machining
  • Cartridge replacement is fast and easy - no special tools or training needed
  • Incremental repair capability maximizes service life of all components
  • Interchangeable cartridges reduce inventory costs
  • Manley®-valve-style radiused thermoplastic discs
  • Outstanding reliability, even under severe operating conditions
  • Superior materials for high resistance to corrosion and wear

Simply better

Maintenance advantages aside, MOPPET valves are excellent performers. They incorporate design features that have made the Manley compressor valve the world standard for reliability. Engineered thermoplastic discs are radiused to provide aerodynamic flow.

Cartridges are precision- manufactured from stainless-steel alloys to withstand harsh operating conditions and resist wear and corrosion. As a result, MOPPET valves deliver outstanding results in applications no ordinary valve can handle.

Operational features

Thermoplastic discs. Engineered thermoplastic discs provide an effective seal, even in the presence of entrained liquids or foreign matter.

Dual-flow design. Opening in the center of each cartridge allows gases to flow internally and externally.

Quality materials. Stainless-steel-alloy cartridges resist wear and corrosion, even in severe environments.

Adapts to most compressors. MOPPET valves can be installed on most makes and models of reciprocating compressors.

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