Temperature Control Valves

T.F. Hudgins offers AMOT thermostatic valves, which are used for accurate temperature control of liquids in diverting or mixing service.

Typical applications include temperature control of cooling or heating systems, lube oil systems, cogeneration systems, heat recovery loops, process control, and other mixing or diverting temperature control systems.

    Three distinct temperature control valve groups are available:
  • 3-Way Temperature Control Valves, electric or pneumatic actuated. For tighter temperature control, remote sensing, and low pressure drop.
  • 3-Way Thermostatic Valves, self-powered. Traditional "AMOT" valve with internal sensing temperature elements. For 2-way valve, block port "B" on valve.
  • 2-Way Thermostatic Valves, self powered. Ideally suited to minimize water usage ("Water Saver") in a city or river water cooling system used on compressors, oil coolers, tank heating and cooling service. For larger flow rates, use a 3-way valve with port "B" blocked off.

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