Finger-type vs. Plug-type

Plug-type capacity controllers serve the same purpose as finger-type unloaders in deactivating one or more cylinder ends, but are far more reliable. With plug desings, the center of the valve has a hole through which gas may or may not flow, depending on the position of the plug. In the closed position, the center hole is blocked and the valve functions normally. In the open position, gas flows in and out of the center hole, thereby deactivating the cylinder end.

Plug-type capacity controllers:

  • Have fewer parts exposed to the gas stream
  • Are relatively free of aerodynamic disturbances
  • Do not require critical adjustment
  • Are virtually maintenance-free

Equally important, plug type capacity controllers are directly interchangeable from one valve to another of the same type, while finger-type capacity controllers must be matched to specific valves and maintained accordingly. Again, proper design is crucial to function reliability and longevity.

MOPPET valve with plug unloader

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