Custom Engineering

For optimum flexibility and efficiency, capacity controllers must be specifically engineered for compatibility with operating conditions.

All Capacity Controllers are Not Created Equal

Capacity controllers can actually create more problems than they solve due to functional inadequacies inherent in the design. Finger-type suction valve capacity controllers with manual actuators similar to a small hand wheel are frequently cited in premature valve failure. Manual actuation takes time, so the valve plates can impact the fingers (pins) several times before being clamped in the full operating position. This can lead to the fingers breaking off, rendering the entire device ineffective.

Many of the same problems occur with improperly designed, pneumatically actuated capacity controllers because of insufficient clamping force or poorly designed structural members.

A Customized Approach

On-site analysis of conditions is just the first step in a thorough evaluation of the existing system. Before beginning design work, our engineers take into consideration every aspect of operation, such as:

  • Horsepower availability
  • Rod load
  • Static and aerodynamic forces involved
  • Volume and pressure of supply gas
  • The actuating device available or preferred
  • The amount of flexibility desired

This type of in-depth examination demands and intimate knowledge of the valve system, as well as compressor force-generating mechanisms.

Quality Assured

We custom-engineer and manufacture each capacity controller to exacting quality-control standards. Our engineering capabilities are multi-facted and incorporate the most advanced technology in the field. Our staff has extensive experience in compression engineering with major equipment manufacturers and refining and process operations worldwide.

Our commitment to your satisfaction does not end with installation of your capacity control system. We provide ongoing monitoring, and maintenance as required.

Whether your goal is to achieve greater reliability, operating flexibility or cost reductions, a Cook Compression capacity control system can get more out of your compressors than you thought possible.

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