Lube-line Alert

Protects compressors, pumps and engines by indicating "flow" or "no flow" for a single line in any centralized lubrication system. Explosion-proof with multiple features.

Lube Sentry

Provides automatic warning and shutdown of compressors, pumps and engines when oil is not flowing properly.

Proximity Switches

Provide a signal to a monitor, controller or PLC to indicate the number of cycles and cycle rate of a Series- Progressive divider valve.

Rupture Indicators

Used in-line to identify blockages in the lube system.

Reset Type Pin Indicators

Help pinpoint the location of a blocked line.

Visual Cycle Indicators

Provide a means of visually monitoring lube flow thru the system.

Check Valves

Help maintain lubricant in the line and prevent lubricant from re-entering the valve assembly.

Trabon® and Manzel® Filters

Prevent solid contaminants from entering valves and downstream lubrication points.

Trabon® Manual Pumps

Provide a simple, cost-effective way to operate manual oil or grease systems, purge oil or grease systems and test the performance of divider valves. Supplied in this compact, protective case.

Lube Sentinel II™

A field-configurable, microprocessor-based monitor capable of detecting flow variations in any series-progressive lubrication system.

Graco Solid State Timer

Provides a total on and off cycle with "on" periods to meet specific lubrication system requirements.

Trabon DC Timer

A compact, solid-state unit that controls centralized on-board lubrication systems for mobile equipment.

TC-1000 solid-state timer/counter

A microprocessor- based, multi-use controller for centralized lubrication systems.

LC-1000 Controller

A micro-processor based, multi-use, solid-state controller for operation and monitoring of intermittent operating series and parallel centralized lubrication systems.

WMP III Maxi-Monitor® Controller

A microprocessor-based controller designed to schedule lube intervals and monitor the operation of Trabon pumps and divider valves.

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