Remote & On-Site Analysis

T. F. Hudgins MDT provides expert analysis services for industrial engines, compressors, pumps and other rotating machinery. We have a proven record of success in a variety of industries, including refining, chemical process, railway, pipeline, gas production, marine and power generation.

T.F. Hudgins analysts are experts in reciprocating and rotating machinery. They have extensive experience as reliability engineers and compressor component designers, with applications knowledge in process, refining and gas gathering environments.

Convenient to Use

Data Collection
T. F. Hudgins MDT analyzes data collected by: (1) your technicians, (2) MDT technicians or (3) online monitoring systems. Raw data may be submitted from any location for remote analysis using the Condition Monitor™ system.

MDT analysts are available 24/7. They evaluate raw data to determine the precise mechanical condition of all operating components. Then they prepare a comprehensive report of performance with a prioritized list of maintenance recommendations.

Completed analysis reports are posted to the Condition Monitor system, which automatically notifies you via email, pager or other preferred method that a report is available for on-line review.

Full Range of Services

  • Condition Analysis and Performance Evaluation of:
    ▪ Natural Gas Engines
    ▪ Diesel Engines
    ▪ Reciprocating Compressors
    ▪ LDPE Hyper-compressors
    ▪ Rotating Equipment
  • B Probe Inspection of Bearing Clearances
  • Boroscope and Videoscope Mechanical Analysis
  • Compressor Valve and Unloader Evaluation
  • Economic Evaluation of Machinery – Upgrades and Re-Rates

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