Piston Rings

Compressor piston rings are the workhorse mechanisms that seal gas and allow compression.

Common piston ring styles are presented below. Contact your T.F. Hudgins representative for more information and engineering assistance with your application.


101 Piston Rings

The 101 ring is a basic, one-piece, angle-cut piston ring.




101-1 Piston Rings

A 101-1 ring is a step-cut ring with an overlap at the joint to minimize the flow path for leakage.




101-S Piston Rings

A 101-S ring is a seal-joint ring that uses a tongue-and-pocket joint to minimize leakage.




104-X Piston Rings

A 104-X is a multi-piece (3 or more), angle-cut ring with a flat ID expander to hold the ring in contact with the cylinder.



112 Piston Rings

A 112 ring uses a step-cut ring with an inner expander for very low leakage.




204 Piston Rings

The 204 ring is a segmented, angle-cut ring for easier installation when the ring is made from a stiff material.




204-DW Piston Rings

The 204-DW ring is a two-piece, angle-cut ring with a pressure-balancing OD groove and radially drilled holes. This balancing feature reduces ring-to-cylinder load.




204-S Piston Rings

The 204-S ring is a basic-style sealing ring with mating tongue and a recess that effectively prevents leakage in one direction with two joints.




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