Accuracy & Reliability

The TFH 1000 exceeds the accuracy requirements defined by the EPA rule.

It utilizes direct mass measurement technology, which is more accurate than volumetric flow measurement because mass is not affected by changes in process pressure and temperature.

The TFH 1000 provides gas flow rate measurement in a variety of mass units, including SCFM, NM3/hr, lbs/hr and kg/hr.

The TFH 1000 flowmeter has a broad turndown (100:1 typical), providing accurate and repeatable measurement of high flow rates and low end sensitivity for leak detection.

The unit features a platinum and ceramic sensor for increased stability and reliability.

TFH 1000 flowmeters are rugged and reliable, with no moving parts.

The all-welded, 316 stainless steel sensor construction is specifically designed for demanding industrial applications.

The electronics housing is NEMA 4X for reliable operation indoors or outdoors.

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