Smart Electrical Interface (SEI) Technology

The vmWindow system is non-invasive and softwarebased. It incorporates innovative Smart Electrical Interface (SEI) Technology, which uses only passive electrical measurements to continuously monitor and interpret motor and machinery performance.

There are no costly sensors, power supplies or wiring necessary. Installation is simple and quick, with components remaining permanently in place.  

Architecture & Operation

<i>vmWindow System Components</i>
vmWindow System Components

Hardware interfaces are placed at motor control centers to measure electrical waveforms, voltages and currents from the low-voltage side of the power infrastructure. Those electrical inputs are analyzed using patented signal processing and interpretation algorithms to provide indicators for long-term condition and energy efficiency tracking.

The system computes adaptive thresholds to flag machines with developing anomalies or faults. It automatically distinguishes whether a fault is in the motor or the driven load and provides an interpretation of machinery condition. Processed information is communicated by Wi-Fi wireless interfaces to a Web server through a plant wireless access point (wired connections also available). Any number of authenticated users may then remotely access information about all monitored machines using the web-based graphical interface.

Easy System Startup

Upon commissioning, the vmWindow system begins passive, continuous monitoring 24/7.

There are no machine-specific inputs required. Adaptive alarm thresholds are automatically set during commissioning, but may be adjusted later if necessary.

Within approximately one week of commissioning, initial condition information is available for all monitored machinery and may be accessed at any time using the web-based InnerView interface.

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