Rugged, Reliable Performance

The TFH 3000 sensor operates at a higher power level than competitive thermal flow sensors, resulting in improved response time and wider turndown. The TFH 3000 sensor also provides exceptional accuracy at high velocities up to 60,000 SFPM (280 NMPS).

The TFH 3000 features a dual-compartment, explosion-proof electronics enclosure. One compartment houses the instrument electronics and the second compartment is accessible for wiring terminations. A waterproof seal between the compartments helps prevent moisture damage and maintain the integrity of the instrument electronics.

An optional on-board 2 line x 16 character backlit display is available to view flow rate, total flow, elapsed time, process gas temperature and alarms. The display is also used in conjunction with the configuration panel for field-configuration of flowmeter settings such as 4 to 20 mA and pulse output scaling, pipe area, zero flow cutoff, flow filtering or damping, display configurations, diagnostics and alarm limits. Optically activated keys provide interface to the flowmeter without removing the cover. The TFH 3000 features galvanically isolated outputs and enhanced EMI immunity. A variety of meter configurations,materials, process connections and output options offer improved design flexibility, lower cost of ownership and enhanced control capabilities.

The TFH 3000 is available in both insertion and inline models. The insertion meter is easily installed with a weld-o-let and compression fitting. The inline model is available in ¼-inch to 6-inch sizes and includes built-in flow conditioners that eliminate the need for long, straight pipe runs.

Built-in flow conditioning improves measurement accuracy in space-constrained applications

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