Data Logger Option for the TFH 3000 Thermal Mass Flowmeter

The TFH 3000 flowmeter offers an option to have a data logger mounted on the Front Panel board that can be used to record TFH 3000 data. Data that may be recorded includes the interval total, which is based on the selected flow units in the meter (total mass flow or total volumetric flow). Data may be recorded at a user-specified rate ranging from 1 second to 1 month in hour/minute/second intervals.

The TFH 3000 Data Logger supports a total of 31 records and is set as a default for a 24-hour sample
interval and a start/synch time of midnight. When the number of samples reaches over 31, the old
data will be overwritten. Only the last 31 records are kept.

The Data Logger option may be retrofitted for existing TFH3000 customers. T.F. Hudgins provides an kit that includes an upgraded display board, firmware upgrades, and easy instructions for completing the process.

Data Logger Features

• 31 separate 24-hour daily totals are required with date and time stamp

• Daily totals data can be accessed over RS485 Modbus and on the Engineering Display

• After 31 days, old data will be written over; however, the most recent 31 daily totals will always be available

• The default start time for the 24-hour total will be midnight; however, the operator may set the start time through the front panel

• Operator may set the local time through the front panel

• Field retrofits with Data Loggers require exchanging the current display board and upgrading the main TFH 3000 board firmware

Configure Data Logger Using RS485 MODBUS

The TFH3000 Data Logger can also be configured using MODBUS.

Using MODBUS, the operator has the ability to:

• Select Records

• Read Records

• Clear Data Log

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