Nonlubricated Packing Cases

Non-lubricated packing consists of non-metallic rings or, if the operating pressure is high, non-metallic rings with additional back-up rings. The back-up, pressure breaker and vent rings may be metal, but high strength plastics are also used in many applications.

Rod and Case Material
Most ring materials can be abrasive when no lubricant is present. Therefore, a harder rod material and a finer rod finish are required. Nitrided or tungsten carbide coated rods are the most common materials used with nonlubricated packing.

The choice of rod material, as with packing case material, may also be dictated by corrosive elements in the gas stream. Packing cases may be plated for corrosion resistance, but are usually made of corrosion-resistant cast iron, bronze or stainless steel.

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