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One particular problem in non-lubricated conditions is the high frictional heat generated by the packing at the ring bore. This heat must be removed by conduction through the case or rod.

Cook Compression developed a case that is cooled by circulating coolant through channels in the individual packing case cups. Channels can be formed internally in the cups so that no O-ring seals encircling the rod are required.

Almost any "heat transfer fluid" can be used as coolant, but water or water/anti-freeze mixtures are the most effective. Oil offers advantages, such as corrosion resistance or deposit prevention, but is less capable of carrying away heat than water.

Some compressors incorporate liquid or gas coolant circulated directly against and around the rod. However, a Cook Compression VORTEX® cooled packing case is the most popular approach used today. Regardless, keeping friction low and removing generated heat is crucial to long life for non-lubricated packing.

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