Static-Pac® Shutdown Seal

Rod packing will leak more when the rod is stopped than when it is moving. This is due to the loss of oil which filled the leak paths, changes in the ring shape as the ring cools and changes in the rod alignment as the temperature changes.

To eliminate leakage through the packing rings, a Static-Pac® shutdown seal is available in kit form from Cook Compression to adapt to existing cases. It may can be supplied as part of the original design.

Minimize Gas Escape
A Static-Pac seal is an uncut, conformable ring which is forced against the rod by a piston when the compressor is stopped. Static seal actuation occurs when pressurized gas is admitted to the piston, wedging the seal ring inward against the motionless rod. The shape of the seal is designed so that pressure within the cylinder will cause the seal to move away from the rod when actuating pressure is lowered. Static-Pac is especially useful during compressor shutdown to minimize the escape of dangerous or expensive gases.

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