Hyper Packing

"Hyper" generally refers to pressure greater than 10,000 psi. But compressor or pump discharge could go up to 50,000 psi. At these high pressure levels, gases tend to act like liquids with low compressibility, so packing cases must be built heavier and of stronger steel.

The type of seal rings used by Cook Compression in hyper packing are able to withstand the stress at these higher pressures.

Highest Strength Steel
A common problem in most hyper packings is the containment of very high cyclic pressure within the thick-walled vessel. Cyclic stresses require compound construction for the cups, autofrettaging and/or pressure loading on the outside of the case to ensure high fatigue strength. Cook Compression hyper packings have been successful in meeting these sealing and life requirements of high-pressure packings by utilizing proven technology and the highest strength steel available.

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