PROGNOST® Online Monitoring Systems


PROGNOST®-SILver is a PROGNOST®-NT Safety Protection and SIL certified hardware solution that provides operators with machine protection analyses recognized and proven worldwide.

PROGNOST®-SILver processes sensor data from up to eight reciprocating compressors, with a maximum of 68 sensors in one monitoring unit. An optional flameproof encapsulation, which can be installed in the field, reduces wiring costs dramatically and lowers overall installation costs.

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The only online monitoring and diagnostic system for reciprocating piston compressors that records and analyzes machine data in real-time, and compares data using pattern recognition based on actual experience.

PROGNOST®-NT gives operators real-time, plain text information about problems and their causes. It also enables each machine monitored to be shut down quickly and safely - without inadvertent shutdowns.

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PROGNOST®-NT Swift is a mobile system used for short-term applications, such as commissioning new machines or operation after repairs. This mobile system is a complete PROGNOST®-NT system with all the features of a fully equipped, permanent PROGNOST®-NT installation.

Portable and powerful, it can be installed quickly to meet temporary monitoring requirements.

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