Autocator 200 Engine Balancing & Diagnostic Instrument

The Autocator 200 is an economical, simple-to-use, portable electronic engine balancer. It also provides powerful diagnostic capabilities found in more expensive and complex analyzers. The Autocator 200 enables mechanics to quickly and easily balance engines, view pressure and PV curves, and send data to others for analysis.


  • Pressure Range: zero to 3,600 psi
  • Units: psi, Bar,MPa
  • Range of rpm: 40 to 1,800
  • Maximum Cylinders: 20
  • Maximum Scans/Cylinder: 30
  • Accuracy: Better than 1.6%


Everything you need comes in a compact, protective case.
Everything you need comes in a compact, protective case.

Autocator 200 instruments provide much more than pressure measurements – they also synchronize pressures with crank angles and calculate standard deviations of pressures.

High Precision
Autocator 200 accuracy is greater than 1.6%.

Extremely Durability
Rugged construction resists impacts and harsh environments. The unit's four-inch ceramic shell prevents overheating, even after extended use.

Ease of Use
Instruments are menu-driven and intuitive, with only four buttons to operate. First-time users become proficient in just minutes.

"Retrievable profiles" allow you to enter information once and reduce data acquisition time in the field.

You get sophisticated engine-balancing technology and advanced diagnostic functions at a fraction of the price of other instruments. Heavy-duty construction and long-life pressure sensors ensure economical, extended service.

Powerful Software

Autocator 200 software includes multiple diagram options to analyze combustion and pressure changes in power cylinders, including: PV power diagrams, Pmax and MIP deviation charts, peak pressure charts, overlays of all cylinders, reference traces and standard deviations for each cylinder.

Powerful display features let you directly compare a series of measurements to any other set of measurements.The system synchronizes and overlays graphs without restrictions, enabling you to assess cylinder performance over time or detect anomalies between cylinders.

To make file sharing convenient, an integrated compression program automatically reduces data file sizes for e-mailing.

Each Autocator 200 instrument includes a multi-user license for an unlimited number of authorized users within your company.

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